about Making slow

Making Slow is the online home of Caitlan and Josh and our dog Ada. We've lived in several places in Australia and the United States as well as in Japan. 

We’ve been living fast for a few years now, constantly moving for work and new adventures. But we’ve realised this lifestyle isn’t sustainable long term. Now we’re exploring the idea of making our lives a little slower.

Join us here as we explore crafting and making, urban permaculture, sustainable lifestyle choices and hanging out with our dog. And lets be honest, there’s still going to be travel! But we think we’ll start visiting places instead of constantly moving!


About Caitlan

The Silos Waco Texas Miles to Magnolia Farm
Caitlan with a beer

I'm a creative force with a need to always be writing or making something! I have a background in English Literatures, Teaching, Textiles and Fashion Design. I can generally be found sewing, working on an embroidery hoop, crocheting or weaving, all whilst listening to an audio book. I love to watch anime and Korean or Japanese romantic comedies. I also can't go past a period drama! My favourite music styles are Country and K-Pop with the occasional bit of Indie Pop or Folk for good measure. I’ve been yearning for a garden to grow my own food for a long time so a big part of Making Slow will be designing that. I'm currently creating content and designing websites for small Brisbane businesses over on my business page Cait Newman Design. I also teach creative classes in my design studio based in the North Brisbane suburb of Brighton.


About Josh


Josh is a long time craft beer lover, frequently comparing brews with his brother and friends. He’s loves trying out new recipes and can often be found experimenting with his home brew setup. Josh is a beginner woodworker with a penchant for mid century modern design. He plays the guitar and is in to hardcore and country music. Josh enjoys watching horror movies (always with headphones on because they terrify Caitlan) and listening to podcasts about woodworking and tech. Josh’s first degree was in Japanese but he is now a software engineer. If you’re looking for a highly skilled full stack developer you can contact Josh for contract work at his website here.


About Ada

Dog Kayaking Austin Texas Ladybird Lake

Ada is our sweet pupper who we adopted in California from a rescue organisation. We were living in Silicon Valley at the time and so named her after the first computer programmer, Ada the Countess of Lovelace. She's a well travelled pup having gone on trips all over California with us, then moving to Texas and finally relocating to Australia. She loves a good adventure just as much as we do and her favourite activities include fetch, kayaking and swimming. Nowadays you can find her strolling along the Brighton esplanade. We don't know what breed of dog she is but she is definitely a mix of some super cute terriers!