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For the past year in our Melbourne rental our tiny strip of garden has been extremely sad. It contained six Dwarf Nandina that were very stunted. The soil was so poor that they just couldn’t get the nutrients they needed to grow.

I feel a little guilty about it now but I was adamant that I wasn’t going to spend any money on improving a rental property that I would only be living in for a year or two. Over the year Ada constantly dug in one spot in that garden. I’d fill it back in every time but within a week or two she would dig it up again. I still can’t work out why! Despite all the refilling we lost a lot of soil.

Begrudgingly we went and bought more soil for the tiny garden to prepare the property for move out inspections. We also decided to get some Dianthus for the empty pots on our outdoor table and ended up buying a huge tray of them! After filling the pots we decided to plant the rest of the Dianthus in the garden.

Now I see the folly of not having improved the garden sooner. We’ve had so much joy in anticipating the flowering of the Dianthus. Now that they have flowered we love going out everyday to see what new shades there are amongst the flowers.

In our next property I won’t be so slow to make improvements to the garden. Even if I can’t enjoy it forever the temporary enjoyment is definitely worth it. I’ll also be working a lot harder to get a serious container garden going!

Why should you go to  the effort of gardening when living in a rental property?

Why should you go to the effort of gardening when living in a rental property?