Leaving Melbourne and What We'll Miss

Map of Melbourne

It’s our last day in Melbourne so I thought I’d roundup some of the things we’ll miss from this great city. After a stressful couple of weeks moving everything into storage and staying in AirBnb while Josh finishes up work I can’t say I’m overly sad to be leaving. But we always find that there are things we miss about the places we’ve lived.

The Street Art

Tide Pod Chan

Tide Pod Chan

Melbourne’s colourful graffiti will definitely be missed. There was cute, quirky, political and everything in between. My favourites were the anime pieces by Lushsux, especially this one of Tide Pod Chan near where we lived.

Our Local Cafe

Every weekend we got coffee’s at Ruby’s in Coburg before walking Ada around the Merri Creek Trail. Their coffee is amazing and everyone that works there is so lovely and creative!

Our hairdresser

We met the loveliest and most talented hairdresser, his name is Yusuke and his salon is Hair Ninja. He kept me in pink hair all year and Josh and I loved speaking about Nagoya with him. He’s seriously the best hairdresser I’ve ever been to!

Melbourne Central

Neither of us is really into shopping but Melbourne Central was our go to place for sakura bubble tea, Hokkaido Cheese Tart and most recently the oh so delicious Pafu.

Art Galleries

Pip and Pop at the Ballarat Art Gallery

Pip and Pop at the Ballarat Art Gallery

We went to some seriously amazing exhibitions while we were here. There was Dior, Vikings and MoMA at NGV and further afield in Bendigo and Ballarat there was the Biennale of Australia Art and Marimekko. By far my favourite display this year was the live pop up of Hermès Artists demonstrating how they make Hermès goods.

White Night

White Night was such an amazing night! We loved seeing the amazing light displays but also it was a really fun night in the city.

Soul Craft Festival

I only went to one day of this festival but my goodness it was so inspiring! I spent the whole day watching talks and panel discussions given by amazing crafters and artists from all over Australia. I learnt so much about sustainability, craft practices and the craft community. I really hope to come back for both days next year.


Temple Brewing

There are so many good craft breweries in Melbourne. Josh will be sharing a post at some stage about a weekend of brewery hopping. The range of craft beers across this city is really impressive as are the dedicated craft beer bottle shops such as our beloved Carwyn Cellars.


So this one is a love/hate. The trams at peak hour are the worst, most miserable and sickening thing ever. On weekends and during the day though they are so unbelievably convenient. We rarely drove our car all year because of how great the trams are.

Honky Tonk Night at the Rooks Return and Bluebonnet BBQ

Because there are never enough opportunities to wear my cowboy boots and get a little bit of Texas in Australia.

The thing we’ll miss most though is of course our friends and all the amazing people we’ve met while living here! But we know we’ll see what everyone is up to on Instagram and we’ll be sure to catch up next time we visit.

There are so many things we’ll miss about Melbourne! What’s your favourite thing about Melbourne? Art by Lushsux

There are so many things we’ll miss about Melbourne! What’s your favourite thing about Melbourne? Art by Lushsux